14 Graphic Design Terms Explained for Event and Association Marketers

Graphic Design for Conference Marketing

As a conference and meeting planning company, we work a lot with event and association marketers… I know that you just laughed at me for stating the obvious. It’s OK, I am cool with that, I can take it. Sniff. Wait. I just got off track. Anyway, we work a lot with these peeps and even the best, brightest, and most experienced have a hard time keeping all of the various graphic design terms straight. Seriously, is it hue or color, tint or tone, kleenex or facial tissue. It is so common to mess them up because A: We are meeting and event people, we work with graphic designers so we can’t possibly be expected to keep all of this straight and B: See A. 

I was loving it when I came across this infographic created by Think Design as it explains a bunch of the most commonly misused terms by newbie graphic designers. Now I have them in one handy place for me and my clients so that when I am talking graphic design, I don’t sound like a noob.

Should Social Media Marketers Know Graphic Design?

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