AAP - RFP - Transportation Services

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  • Vehicle and Driver Details:

    AAP requires that buses used for shuttle services be late model over-the-road coaches of high quality and in excellent operating condition. They must be clean and driven by seasoned professional and uniformed drivers. It is important that sufficient insurance is carried to cover any potential issues and that the system is supervised throughout the shuttle period with a means of communication between drivers and supervisor. Proposals should include responses to each of the following questions/statements:
  • Communication/Signage:

    AAP notifies attendees of shuttle bus arrangements in communications sent out in advance of the meeting. Signs listing shuttle hours need to be placed in each participating hotel along with flyers outlining the services and giving maps of the shuttle route for the use of attendees and hotel employees. In addition, signs (at least two per bus) need to be prepared for placement in bus windows along with signs thanking the corporate sponsor (if one is selected) to be placed in each bus. When warranted, a transportation service desk or kiosk may also be placed at the convention center to assist attendees and would need to be manned by the selected vendor’s staff.
  • Routing/Pricing:

    Please attach a separate upload/sheet showing the suggested routing, cost per day and total cost for shuttle service including all elements (buses, supervisors, other services, etc.) plus options.

    Please review the schedule overview and detailed frequency section below for a possible additional separate event opportunity on Saturday, November 1 from 6:30 – 9:30 pm.
  • References:

    Please provide references for the last five meetings you provided shuttle services for so we may contact them regarding your services. Please include the following for each:
  • Sponsorship Opportunities:

    Please provide information, if available, about advertising and sponsorship opportunities about the following or other similar options:
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    Here you may upload any additional materials you think would be helpful in our decision process.
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  • Multi Year Agreement

  • Our 2020 Program will take place in Hawaii. Would your company be interested in a multiyear contract that would encompass both Chicago and Honolulu?