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The AVMA’s Corporate Profile

The AVMA is a not-for-profit association representing more than ​93,000 veterinarians working in private and corporate practice, government, industry, academia, and uniformed services. The AVMA acts as a collective voice for its membership and for the profession.

Event Overview

Event Profile

The AVMA Convention is the leading conference and exhibition of the veterinary industry that highlights best-in-class CE opportunities, hands-on labs, workshops, panels and lectures taught by experts in veterinary medicine. In addition, the conference features an exhibit hall with 300 exhibitors, evening events, and other networking opportunities.

Conference Details:

  • Conference Dates:                        August 2-6, 2019
  • Location:                                       Walter E. Washington Convention Center
  • Projected Attendance:                  9,000-9,500 attendees
  • Exhibitors:                                     300 Exhibitors and Sponsors

Tentative Schedule

Requested Dates and HoursHoursLocationActivityStaff Numbers Used in 2018
Tuesday, July 30, 20198:00am - 5:00pmCC/Dock Doors/OvernightDecorator Move In3 + 1 supervisor
Wednesday, July 31 20198:00am - 5:00pmCC/Dock Doors/OvernightDecorator Move In8 + 1 supervisor
Thursday, August 1, 20198:00am - 5:00pmCC/Dock Doors/OvernightMove In8 + 1 supervisor
Thursday, August 1, 20198:00am - 5:00pmLobbyShow General/Reg2
Thursday, August 1, 20198:00am - 5:00pmMeeting RoomsInterative Lab Move in1
Thursday, August 1, 20198:00am - 5:00pmTheatreAV Move In/Overnight Roamer2
Friday August 2, 20198:00am - 5:00pmCC/Dock Doors/OvernightShow8 + 1 supervisor
Friday August 2, 20198:00am - 5:00pmLobbyShow General/Reg2
Friday August 2, 20198:00am - 5:00pmMeeting RoomInteractive Lab1
Friday August 2, 20198:00am - 5:00pmTheatreAV Move In/Overnight Roamer1
Saturday, August 3, 20196:00 am-6:00 pmCC/Dock Doors/OvernightShow8 + 1 supervisor
Saturday, August 3, 20196:00 am-6:00 pmLobbyShow General/Reg2
Saturday, August 3, 20196:00 am-6:00 pmMeeting RoomInteractive Lab1
Saturday, August 3, 20196:00 am-6:00 pmTheatreAV Move In/Overnight Roamer1
Saturday, August 3, 20196:00 am-6:00 pmBackStageKeynote1
Sunday, August 4, 20196:00 am-6:00 pmCC/Dock Doors/OvernightShow8 + 1 supervisor
Sunday, August 4, 20196:00 am-6:00 pmLobbyShow General/Reg2
Sunday, August 4, 20196:00 am-6:00 pmMeeting RoomInteractive Lab1
Monday, August 5, 20196:00am - 5:00 pmCC/Dock Doors/OvernightShow and Move out13 + 1 supervisor
Monday, August 5, 20196:00am - 5:00 pmLobbyShow General/Reg2
Monday, August 5, 20196:00am - 5:00 pmMeeting RoomInteractive Lab1
Tuesday, August 6, 20197:30am - 5:00pmCCMove Out7+ 1 supervisor
Tuesday, August 6, 20197:30am - 5:00pmLobbyShow General/Reg2

RFP Submission Details

RFP Objective

The AVMA is issuing this Request for Proposal (RFP) to potential vendors to provide a solution for Security Services.

The objective of this RFP is for The AVMA to develop a long-term partnership with a supplier that will be able to demonstrate their ability to handle The AVMA’s emergency medical services.

RFP Key Dates

  • Week of March 18, 2019 – The AVMA’s distribution of RFP to Security Services Companies
  • By March 19, 2019 – Security Services companies to respond to The AVMA to indicate intent if participating in RFP process
  • By March 20, 2019 – Security Services companies to respond to The AVMA to indicate intent if participating in RFP process
  • By March 22, 2019 – Due date for all RFP responses to The AVMA
  • Week of April 1, 2019 – Evaluation of RFPs
  • Week of April 8, 2019 – Selection of contenders and follow-up Q&A
  • Week of May 6, 2019 – Security Services contract is executed; Security Services company and The AVMA choose management and implementation teams, finalize implementation strategy and schedule.

RFP Instructions

RFP’s require a significant time investment for both the submitting and requesting parties. We have structured our RFP template so that the effort required for your response will be expeditious and straightforward. Please review the summary information provided here in this document and use the included Supplier RFP Response Form link to provide the information in our required format.  . The AVMA reserves the right to reject any RFP submissions not provided in this format.

RFP Evaluation Guidelines

In order to expedite analysis and review of all RFP responses, clear evaluation parameters have been designed to ensure a fair and complete assessment of your capabilities. All valid RFP responses, at a minimum, will be evaluated on a number of qualitative and quantitative criteria.

RFP and Proposal Pricing Agreement

  • For the purpose of this proposal, pricing is to be fixed for the term of the agreement.
  • Please provide a proposed project plan describing how you would implement and execute this program.

Format of Response

Please complete the online RFP form and upload any additional documents in an electronic format no later than 5:00pm EST on March 22, 2019.

Submission of Questions Regarding this RFP

Questions may be submitted in writing via e-mail to The AVMA Sourcing contact listed below. Please note that all questions should be made directly to this contact. The AVMA will respond to inquiries throughout this process to ensure adequate response time for suppliers. If there are questions/answers that should be supplied to all vendors to maintain a level playing field, The AVMA reserves the right and discretion to share the questions/answers with all vendors this RFP has been distributed to. Email:


All costs associated with preparing the response to this RFP and for providing any additional information required by The AVMA to facilitate the evaluation process are the sole responsibility of the Vendor and will not be reimbursed by the AVMA.

The information contained in this RFP is confidential and proprietary to the AVMA. No part of this RFP may be reproduced, in whole or in part, or made available to any third party, without the express, prior, written permission of The AVMA. All information contained in the RFP or in subsequent communications shall be deemed confidential and may be used only in connection with the preparation of Supplier’s Proposal.

You shall not disclose any information concerning this RFP to anyone, other than your employees, officers, and sub-contractors directly involved in preparing your response to this Request for Proposal.

Agreement Term

One (1) year, unless otherwise agreed upon by the AVMA.

Terms of Negotiation

The RFP is not an offer to enter into an agreement with any supplier, but rather it is a request to receive proposals from suppliers interested in providing EMS services to The AVMA at the annual conference. Suppliers bear all costs of responding to this RFP. The AVMA reserves the right to reject all proposals, in whole or in part, and/or to enter negotiations with any offeror. The AVMA reserves the right to select and negotiate with those suppliers it deems qualified and to terminate negotiations at any time without incurring liability. We also reserve the right to reject any and all quotations submitted and change the schedule of events as we deem necessary. Your RFP must be firm for the period of (60) days from receipt of this RFP.

We reserve the right to accept or reject any or all parts of provided quotation. Any order issued as a result of this quotation will be subject to the exact terms and conditions specified herein below.

Withdrawal of Proposal

Suppliers may withdraw their proposals from consideration at any time prior to award of a contract or the reaching of an agreement by advising the AVMA project team in writing at the address indicated here: Email:

Request for Proposal Form