WordPress Event Sponsorship Plugin


The i3 Events Book Sponsor WordPress plugin allows you to have total control over receiving submissions from potential sponsors for your upcoming event. This plugin allows you to create unlimited Sponsor Levels with cost associated, unlimited Sponsor Add-ons to increase upsells, Add-on inventory management, email invoicing or allow Sponsors to pay via PayPal or Stripe, manage booth picks from your Sponsors, customizable invoice with your logo, manage to whom the invoices are sent to after form submission, and so much more!


Beta Release 1.1.7 – October 04, 2016Download Release Here
Beta Release 1.1.6 – September 26, 2016
Beta Release 1.1.5 – September 21, 2016
Beta Release 1.1.4 – September 16, 2016
Beta Version 1.1.3 – September 16, 2016
Beta Version 1.1.2 – September 15, 2016


Step One

Install the WordPress plugin by going into your WordPress backend Dashboard, navigate to Plugins->Add New from the left sidebar, and select the current release zip file to upload. Click install and wait a few minutes while it uploads. Do not stop or exit the upload or you will have issues with the installation. After installation is complete, activate the plugin, and you will see a new menu item in the left menu titled ‘Book Sponsor’.


Step Two

Navigate to Book Sponsor->Sponsor Levels and add as many levels of Sponsorship you want to allow for your potential sponsor filling out the frontend form. You can enter the cost for each Level, a Discount Price, and the Weight of the Sponsor. The weight is important to label who is the top and who is the bottom level of Sponsors. For example, if you create a Sponsor with level 1 that has higher importance and weight than a Sponsor with level 2, level 3, and so on. The weight is only applicable when you create the Sponsor Logo Tree which we will discuss in upcoming steps.


Step Three

Now that you’ve added your Sponsor Levels, you can create a listing of Add-ons that are available for each Sponsor Level. For example, you may have a gift bag, a hat, and a lanyard as Add-ons for one Sponsor Level and a water bottle, and a branded poster, and a branded t-shirt for another Sponsor Level. You will be able to document the name of the Add-on, a short description, the cost for the Sponsor to purchase the Add-on, the total number in inventory, and upload an image.


Step Four

If you would like for Sponsors to pay via PayPal or Stripe for their total invoice, then fill out either option on the Book Sponsor->PayPal/Stripe Payment Details screen. If you would rather to have an invoice sent to each submission and not to accept payments at the time of form submission, then leave this area blank and it will default to have invoice sent to company submitting form and whomever is cc’d on the invoice sending process.


Step Five

One of the important aspects of having a Sponsor fill out the form is to allow them to view your booth floor layout plan and have the Sponsor enter their booth space picks. Navigate to Book Sponsor->Booth Image Upload screen to upload an image of your floor plan, and the title of the paragraph field that will show under this image upload. Whatever the Sponsor types in that paragraph field will be recorded and shown on the record view in backend. So for example you upload your booth floor plan with 30+ booth spaces, and the Sponsor types in the top 3 or 2 booth spaces they would like to reserve. This cuts down on the back and forth between you and the Sponsor to pick their booth location. If you do not need this ability, then no need to upload anything.


Step Six

To manage the invoice settings, navigate to Book Sponsor->Invoice Settings to enter in unlimited emails to be carbon copied receipt of submitted invoices, separated by commas. You can also upload the logo of your organization on this screen and it will show on the upper right location of the invoice.

Step Seven

Now that we have entered in the basic information and data for the plugin, you can now paste the shortcode to show the form on any Page, Post, or widget in your WordPress theme. The shortcode to use will be [bs_sponsor]


Once you start receiving sponsor submissions you will see them in the Book Sponsor->List Sponsor Submissions screen, where you can export submissions to csv or view each record individually.


Step Eight

After you have your list of sponsors, you can show their logos in a logo tree, sorted by weight discussed briefly in Step Two. Those Sponsor logos with weight of 1 will show at top, those Sponsor logos with weight of 2 will show under, those Sponsor logos with weight of 3 will show under 2, and so on. Paste this shortcode on any Page, Post or widget to view the logos in a logo tree [bs_sponsor_list]


  • If you are accepting payments via PayPal or Stripe with this plugin, it is advised to have a SSL certificate installed on your domain server.
  • All submitted Sponsors are automatically added to your WP site as a new user, set to user level Subscriber.
  • All submitted Sponsors are automatically added to your Sponsor Submissions list on the Sponsor Submissions page.