Back in 2010 email overload wasn’t nearly as bad as it is today, and our purpose has only become clearer and our mission grander since.

We had a few rules for whatever the solution would be:

  • The customer doesn’t have to do or learn anything
  • It has to work everywhere people check their email today
  • It has to be as secure as humanly possible
  • It has to get better over time
  • It has to be valuable enough for people to be happy to pay for

And this is how SaneBox came to life. It’s a simple service that analyzes your past behavior (which emails you open, which you respond to, how quickly, how often, etc) and determines importance of incoming emails without ever looking at the content (only the headers). It moves unimportant emails out of the Inbox into a separate folder called SaneLater and summarizes them in a digest. It works anywhere you check your email (since it’s just an email folder).

After listening to our customers, we built lots of other features:

  • Snooze non-urgent emails
  • Unsubscribe with 1 click
  • Reminders when people don’t reply to you
  • Moving attachments to Dropbox and Box
  • Custom filtering rules, etc