Five go to Sea - Alaska

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A Conference at the Top of the World

Where did Five go to Sea get its name? That is an interesting story that has to do with personal connections. When you take four of the world’s most renowned animal trainers and behaviorists and add a single attendee, you get five people. This is the unique way  these amazing educators view these conferences. They don’t see “us and them”, they see us and you”, Five go to Sea.

The time they spend with attendees on these programs is personal. In the classroom, at meals, during free time gathering on the deck, and on the shore excursions. This conference experience is personal and meaningful. Each story at the end of this journey is unique, similar maybe, but never the same.

The trip itself was 8 days. Classroom while we were out to sea, exciting adventures together during the shore excursions, meals and free time spent together and as a group.