Illustrating Your Virtual Engagement

Everyone is looking for cool and unique ways to entertain and engage with virtual attendees and I can tell you from experience there are plenty of awesome ways to make your event stand out from the crowd. The biggest challenge for organizations is to find ways that are good for attendees but easy on the organization. You don’t want something that adds twenty pounds of stress to an already nerve-wracking endeavor.

For episode 10 of the Event Tech Pull Up, the podcast we produce with iSocialx, Dusty and Emma from Ink Factory stopped by to show us how they can work with you to engage your attendees, employees, and clients by bringing content to life through drawing real-time visual notes.

Some of the things we cover in our chat:

  • Who is Ink Factory and how can they work with you on your virtual events?
  • Engagement is getting tougher but is still mission critical to your success.
  • Many have seen their drawings at in-person events but how do they translate there talents to a virtual event?

S1-E10 Virtual Event Engagement – illustrated

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