Introducing a Dynamic Collaboration: Joi, Catch the MICE, and i3 Events Join Forces to Revolutionize Event Planning

It’s a game-changing union that’s set to reshape the event planning landscape across North America and European markets. Today, we proudly announce a strategic partnership between Joi, the Australian-based software visionary, and two leading representation agencies, Catch the MICE and i3 Events. Together, we are embarking on a journey to redefine business development in the event industry, with a keen focus on event technology and in-person event solutions.

Joi, at its core, is a remarkable collaborative planning and scheduling software meticulously designed to empower event planners with unprecedented efficiency and precision. Acting as the ultimate “one source of truth” for all event-related information, Joi offers event teams a centralized platform to seamlessly manage every aspect of their events.

Discover the Power of Joi:

  • Streamline program, agenda, and event schedule management
  • Effortlessly publish and access event details on websites and mobile devices
  • Create, share, and update schedules with ease
  • Gain precise control over your budget, tracking revenue, costs, quotes, and cash flow all in one central application

Rob Vass, Co-Founder and Director of Joi, reflects on the journey: “Our Joi journey began amidst the global lockdowns triggered by the pandemic. Four years on, we’re elated to have a diverse clientele who have been instrumental in refining Joi’s latest version. The resounding positivity surrounding our event planning and scheduling software has positioned us for global expansion. Partnering with Catch the MICE and i3 Events is a thrilling milestone. They are fellow event industry experts who intimately understand its nuances and challenges, and they recognize Joi’s potential as a game-changing asset.”

Stuart Mitchell, Managing Director of Catch the MICE, shares his perspective: “From the very start of our engagement with Rob and the Joi team, there was an instant connection. As fellow event professionals, we’ve collectively weathered the challenges of recent years, and we see Joi as a solution that can transform the industry. Their pricing strategy is commendable, ensuring accessibility for both large event agencies and independent event producers. We envision Joi becoming the industry’s primary tool, sparking innovation in various facets of event execution. Personally, I foresee remarkable potential for its application across different sectors within our industry, and I’m eagerly anticipating Joi’s trajectory over the next five years. We’re excited to embark on this journey together.”

Keith Johnson, Managing Director of i3 Events, adds his perspective: “Our informal collaboration with Stuart and the Catch the MICE team over the years has been truly inspiring, and we’ve witnessed their remarkable ethos and market approach. Personally, I’ve experienced the benefits of using Joi in numerous global projects, and its potential for global expansion is crystal clear. Working closely with Catch the MICE in the US, we are poised to contribute to Joi’s journey toward global recognition.”

This partnership marks the dawn of a new era in event planning, fueled by innovative technology, industry expertise, and a shared commitment to revolutionize the way events are orchestrated. Together, Joi, Catch the MICE, and i3 Events will shape the future of event planning and execution, one event at a time.

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