Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet for the Association Marketer

Social Media Cheat Sheet for the Association Marketer

You work in an association. You are in Marketing. You are an Association Marketer. You are not sure how you got here, but here you are. You actually like what you do. You would like it more if someone had left you a set of keys before they left, you know, an “Annual Conference” marketing plan. Oh hell, you don’t even need a plan, they could have scribbled some notes on a napkin and left them in a desk drawer but noooooooo.

So these are the things you work on, the conference marketing plan, the association marketing plan, member outreach, newsletters, learning courses, and more. Yes, you are good at social media too but who in the heck has time to differentiate all of the different image sizes. A cover photo here, a post photo there, a picture for you, a picture for me, you have too much to do… 1, 2, 3, just get something up on the PAGE!.

I get it. Been there, lived there, still have the same address in fact. There is always a ton to do and getting the right image can be a pain in the ass but back on Tuesday of this week we talked to Event Photographer George Phoertner about Why Your Association Conference Needs a Professional Photographer and now it is time to put those photos to use because believe it or not, photographs can make your job easier so we should treat them with respect.

The correct image size for your conference or association social media accounts is one of the keys to making sure that your organization stands out. Things that stand out get shared, things that get shared generate more revenue, things that generate more revenue make boards and directors and managers happy and when they are happy, you are happy and that means come 5 o’clock it is margarita time in associationville.

That is where this little cheat sheet comes in. One less thing to worry about. This little ditty from Make a Website Hub is perfect for conference and association marketers that have to do it themselves (heck, their site is good if you are also the person that has to maintain the website, build the website, look at the website) and want to do it right.

Check it out. Print it out. Keep it handy.

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