The Easy Way to Upscale Speaker Images for the Conference Website

We have all been there, you are putting together the perfect conference program with amazing speakers and fabulous sponsors. Everything is going according to plan except for one small detail. Two speakers are sending head-shots that are 200×200 pixels… and what is with these sponsors, they don’t have a logo that is larger than 150 pixels…. ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH.

Now the chase is on and it is a race you are never going to win. You can email, beg, and even send smoke signals but you know deep down, you are just never going to get better images. This is all you are going to get.

So, what do you do? In the good old days BC (before Corona), you would probably just resize the image and it would sometimes look OK, sometimes it would look awful, but we all know that something is better than nothing even if a crappy image messes up your beautiful conference website, app, or virtual platform.

Luckily, we now have a better option. Enter Upscaler.

Upscaler is a cool (free) tool from You upload your small image and the tool converts it to a larger pixel size with little loss of image quality. The tool could not be easier to use:

Upload an image

Image Converts

Download Image

In this example, the upscaled photo is actually better than the original and although this will not always be the case, the upscaled images are certainly better than the pixelated mess that we had before!

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