Excel for Conference Planning – Number 2

Tips for Using Excel for Conference Planning

I will just throw this out there. If you are in the conference planning game, then you need to know Excel. Even if you don’t use it daily, you can rest assured that someone you come into contact with will use it like butter on bread. It could be the hotel, the conference center, the AV company, the client, the DMC, the CVB, the CIA. Someone is going to mess up your day if you don’t learn as many tricks and tips that you can. You can do a whole lot more with Excel than sort the attendee roster.

Yes, someone is going to mess up your day if you don’t know Excel so you should learn as many tricks and tips that you can. If you know some cool little tips, you can take that attendee roster and spin it into something cooked up by a Jedi Master.

So, that brings us to the second post in this series (there are two now, that makes it a series, this accomplishes one of my life goals). 7 Essential Excel Tricks brought to us by the fine folks at STL. Every single tip on this infographic is useful and every one can be mastered in a short amount of time giving you some really cool Jedi like powers that you can apply to everything from attendee lists and rooming reports to budgets and sponsor income. This is some good stuff. AutoFill and Conditional Formatting you may know already but we can all use a cheat sheet for Pivot Tables and vLookup.

Check out the tips and stay tuned for number three. That one is speeding in from a galaxy far, far away.


7 essential Excel training tricks every offic worker needs to know
7 essential Excel tricks every office worker needs to know by Excel Training

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