Why Use Facebook to Market Your Association Conference

If you’ve ever planned a conference for your company or association, you know how easy it is to get caught up in a million different things. Speakers drop when you least expect it, venues fall through, prices change, and so on. Not to mention, you have to market the conference to ensure you’ll get a high return on your investment. But, with so many options, from email marketing to cold-calling and social media marketing, it can be difficult to stay focused.

When it comes to promoting your association conference, you can’t do it all. Unless you are a large corporation with a massive marketing budget and a dedicated team, you can’t possibly take on all of these tasks. You must choose the most efficient platform and pour your creative energy into it because if your focus is spread across multiple channels, the chances of seeing a great return decrease significantly.

But, which channel should you focus on when marketing your conference?

The answer is quite simple: Facebook.

Don’t believe us?

Well, here are the reasons why you should use Facebook to market your association’s conference.

Your Audience Is on Facebook

With over 1.86 billion monthly active users, there’s no question about the fact that your target audience is there somewhere – you just have to find it. Even if your conference is aimed at B2B consumers, there’s still a good chance that all the decision-makers you want to target have a Facebook profile.

The Targeting Capabilities Are Impressive

Facebook has created the most robust platform for targeting your audience. The advertising intelligence is so efficient that you can target prospects with great accuracy, from basic demographic information, such as location, gender, and age, down to more specific data, such as clicking behavior and interest.

With Facebook’s superior capabilities, you can rest assured that your conference’s event will only get in front of the right audience, thus reducing the risk of wasting resources on out-of-market clickers.

Marketing on Facebook Is Cheap

If you’ve been managing your organization’s Facebook page, then you’ve probably noticed a drop on how many of your followers see and engage with your organic posts. So, why should you promote your conference on Facebook when the decline in organic reach is so evident, you might ask yourself.

But, here’s the thing: while it’s true that your posts aren’t showing up in your fan’s Facebook newsfeeds as often as they used to, the truth is that marketing on Facebook is extremely affordable. You can reach out to hundreds of prospects with as little as $5 per day.

Another great thing about marketing your conference on Facebook is that you can target people who have already visited your site and left without purchasing a ticket.

Now, that we’ve made a hopefully successful case for why you should use Facebook to market your conference, let’s look at some tips that can help your event gain exposure.

Show How Great Your Past Conferences Were

Share photos and videos from past events to highlight the energy and excitement shared by both speakers and attendees. Keep in mind that the visuals should convey the value of your conference to prospective participants. Make sure to highlight the benefits of purchasing tickets and attending the event.

Leverage the Power of Testimonials

If you have statements from interviews or surveys that capture the excitement of the speakers and attendees, don’t let them go to waste. Use these quotes to create visuals and share them on your conference’s event page. They can be very persuasive marketing tools that can increase your credibility and influence prospects’ purchasing decision.

If you want to take things to the next level, then you should create a testimonial video. Not only that video is more engaging than other types of content, but it can help you showcase the positive energy your conferences inspire. When prospects can hear and see for themselves how much attendees enjoyed your past events and how much they’ve learned from them, they are more likely to purchase tickets.

Share Pictures of Key Speakers with Quote Overlays

A headshop of a speaker can spark the interest of your target audience, especially if he or she is an industry expert. But, if you really want to entice their curiosity, use a powerful quote from your speaker and add it to his/her picture. That way, your prospects can get a glimpse into the level of expertise and insights they can expect to gain from your speakers.

Share Behind the Scene Content

Facebook is the perfect channel for building an authentic relationship with your audience. Take them behind the scenes and show them what it takes to organize a fantastic conference. Share stories of how you’ve overcome challenges, the mistakes you’ve made and the steps you’ve taken to address them. Be sincere – it will humanize your brand and help you create an emotional connection with prospects.

Facebook is one of the most efficient social media marketing channels for promoting your brand. As it turns out, it works just as well for events too. Use these tips to gain exposure for your future conference.

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