Excel Tips for Conference Planners – Number 1

Conference Planning with Excel

OK, I truly hope to make this a series, that is why it is called Number 1. We shall see, we shall see. But at least we are getting Number 1 out of the way today so you can get some excel(lent) info.  Maybe if it is going to be a series it needs a name? Microsoft Mondays? Office October? Excel Excitement? Uggg. Number 1 is good I guess.

For all of my preaching about moving away from Excel,  we all have to face reality and that reality is… Excel is never going anywhere because it is so baked into the meetings and events industry that it should be served with a knife, fork, and a napkin. I will admit, there are some advantages to using Microsoft’s workhorse, it is really good at keeping data together and you can do some really neat stuff with that data once you get it in there…like in this infographic, plenty of cool tricks to see here, especially the forecast tip down below. That one might come in really handy since seeing the future is something all planners would love to be able to do!

Anyway, thanks to Quill for putting together a really cool infographic!

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