Marketing a Conference In the Age of Covid19

Covid-19 hits and BAM. Your annual conference is swinging around like a weather-vane in a thunderstorm. On again, off again, pivot, pivot, pivot…. Now it is pointing at the only true north and that is virtual.

Your annual conference that was supposed to take place in lovely San Diego is now going to happen in the wilds of Cyberland. You had this thing 100% buttoned up and now kablamo, you are redesigning an entire program in eight short weeks.

You are amazing so the program will make it through the storm but the one thing you know you can’t overlook is the marketing and you need to make the masses have a change of heart and get them to embrace the change and for that you need marketing.

Marketing in the age of the Rona ain’t easy and there are soooo many pitfalls so what do you do? Well, that is easy, you get an expert and for us, that expert is Michelle Bergstein of BeatCreative. She has been working this craft in the meetings and events industry for years.

Tess Vismale and I sat down with her last week and had the chance to as some questions and go down a rabbit-hole or two. Some of the things we discuss are:

  • Offering services, sponsorships, or attendance for free – Should you?
  • How to revise your organizations sponsorship or service packages.
  • Finding your new marketing voice on social media and web in the age of Covid-19.

You can watch the episode below or head over to the Event Tech Pull Up and subscribe on your podcast platform of choice!

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