Creating a Conference or Event Podcast

How to start a conference podcast

Podcasting is having its third or fourth moment in the sun. Everywhere you turn, someone is recommending something you should listen to or talking about starting their own little radio show and for good reason, just look at some of these statistics from Edison Research and Triton Digital (read more at Convince and Convert).

  • 75% of Americans are Now Familiar with Podcasting
  • Monthly Podcast Listeners Have Grown 54% in 3 Years
  • In 2020, 37% of Americans 12 or older listened to podcasts monthly

There is a lot more in the report, but to me, the last statistic is the most telling. 37% of Americans are listening to a podcast monthly. That is a huge number. Massive. Giant. The reality is, if you don’t have a podcast, you are missing an opportunity to engage with almost half of your member or attendee base and in the age of Covid-19, engaging with anyone is critical.

Getting Started with a Conference Podcast

New is hard, I get it. In fact, I have found that one of the biggest misconceptions about podcasting is that it is difficult for newbies. Tess and I know that the reality is much different so we reached out to Mike McAllen of the California Podcast Association and Podcasting4Associations for his thoughts. Mike is our go to expert and we have worked with him at a number of conferences where he was helping to implement a podcast strategy and lucky for us, he is more than happy to share some advice. Some of the things we cover in the interview are:

  • What are some reasons an association might want to start a podcast now?
  • What are some effective ways to grow a podcast audience?
  • What are some of the benefits of taking your podcast on the road to your annual conference?
  • What are some thoughts on conference podcast sponsorship?

Have a watch below or you can head over to the Event Tech Pull Up website and subscribe on your podcast platform of choice!

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