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I love stumbling into spots that become great private venues for groups. I was once walking through Covington, KY and fell into this place, I was strolling around London and came across this amazing spot, and I was recently on the Baja Penninsula and came across a little joint down Mexico way.

Ya ever been to the Baja Peninsula? Specifically, all the way south to the spot where the land ends? In my mind, it is one of the best places for groups and incentives. There is enough authentic Mexico to keep purists happy but touristy enough to accommodate the folks that don’t get out of the suburbs that often. Plenty to do for all of your attendees. Toss in the fact that the Cabo San Lucas airport is an easy flight from anywhere might put it on the short list of a lot of groups.

When you get down to the bottom of the Penninsula, there are two towns. Polar opposites of each other. The one you know is Cabo San Lucas. Home of Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo, Senor Frogs, and a million other spots sporting two-for-one margaritas and tequila soaked tourists. The other town is San José del Cabo.

San Jose del Cabo is authentic Mexico sporting more locals than outsiders with some amazing shopping, good sightseeing, and excellent restaurants cooking up authentic cuisine at reasonable prices which comes in handy unless you want to keep your incentive or meeting group stuck at the Hilton or Westin. Please don’t keep them stuck. Get them out. They like to get out.

If you are looking for a good spot without having to do the research, one of the places that we love is La Panga Antigua Restaurant.

Located across from the church in the historic center of town (and it really is historic, not just some title stuck on to gin up some tourist business) La Panga is a little gem of a joint with a cool atmosphere, good wine, and even better food… they are also good-to-go for group business with some pre-set menus with dishes ranging from a salad with a chipotle-scented caesar to Arrachera Steak. Here is how they talk about themselves:

Set in the oldest mansion of San Jose, La Panga features the most enchanting al fresco dining in an open courtyard framed by 150 year old adobe walls and a beautiful garden atmosphere.

La Panga Antigua Restaurant embraces a sustainable approach to dining & Agriculture. Only the freshest fruits, vegetables, and meat make it into the kitchen. That means fresh, farm-to table produce. Protein with no added hormones, preservatives or antibiotics, and seafood plucked right from the Pacific Ocean.

In our eyes, what sets La Panga apart from other joints is the restaurant itself. Multiple levels in the outside seating area, a really great bar, and even a private wine cellar add to the already spectacular culinary experience. This is a spot that will wow your attendees. Check out their website for more information.

Photos courtesy of La Panga Restaurant


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