A Double Dose of Content Marketing for Conferences and Events

Content Marketing is a must for any conference or event, I love to recommend that every association, every conference, and event non-profit have an editorial mission statement that compliments the mission and purpose of the overall organization. This is a (maybe not so) simple thing that you can do to bring clarity and define the goals and objectives of your content strategy… But what is next? You have this shiny new mission statement that tells your people they why but no one knows how to get there! How do you set off for the horizon in search of content Nirvana? I think that starting with a plan is the best way to get there and sometimes you need a little help.

When i3 started working with our long time collaborator Tess Vismale of isocialx on the Event Tech Pull Up podcast, we wanted content marketing to be one of the first subjects we covered. Tess and I also knew the two people that we wanted as our guests, Kelley Wyant and Anati Zubia, two of the brightest minds in marcom.

Before we even approached them, we knew this had to be a double feature, a two part episode… One to cover the strategy and one to cover the technology that helps implement the plan. Kelley is a content master, the perfect balance to Anati’s technology know how. Anyway, before I give too much away, take a look at both episodes below or you can cruise over to the EventTechPullUp.com and subscribe to the podcast on your platform of choice!

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